Nangiarkoothu is a women only theatre that closely follows the contours of Koodiyattam. In Nangiarkoothu, a single female actor narrates, portraying different characters from a layered perspective that is unique to Indian classical theater. More often than not, narratives are taken from the childhood tales of Krishna. Govardhanodharanam (lifting of mount Govardhana) is a popular narrative from the Vaishanvite text Bhagavatham. Indra, the King of Gods pits his might against Krishna, and comes out humbled. Krishna,manifest as an ordinary herdsman, performs the extraordinary feat of lifting a mountain and using it as a shield against the fury of thunder and storms Indra unleashes. The magical tale and contrasting characters give the actress a lot of latitude to charm the audience with her delectable portrayal.


Friday November 30, 2018 – 11.30 am