Nalacharitham Naalaam Divasam


In the latter half of 17th century, Unnayi Warrier wrote Nalacharitham as a beautiful poetic counterpoint to the structured elegance of Kottayam Kathakal. While Kottayam Thampuran uses the narrative as a measure to elegantly develop and even define the form of Kathakali, in Nalacharitham Unnayi Warrier delves deep into the narrative with unreserved lyricism and dramatism. Nalam Divasam (or Fourth Day) is perhaps the most dramatic of his plays, as it depicts the reunion of the protagonists Nala and Damayanthi after their trials and separation. The play is also remarkable for the way it places the heroine Damayanthi on a higher pedestal than hero Nala. Kathakali lovers cherish this play as much for its soulful music as for its dramatic content.