Kottayam Thampuran emphasized form more than content while Unnayi Warrier stressed almost entire on the narrative. Few decades after them, Irayimman Thampi, court poet and mentor of the great Swati Thirunal, wrote three plays with equal emphasis on form and content. Among these, Keechakavadham is especially noted as it marks another important milestone in the development of Kathakali, drawing from the Kaplingadam school that lionised the anti-hero often relegating the hero to a minor role in the play. Keechaka, a relatively minor character in the epic Mahabharatha takes the centre stage here as a fearsome warrior and and lustful anti-hero vying for the favours of the beautiful Sairandhri. Doom is his due but not before he endears himself to the audience in some of beautifully choreographed scenes accompanied by outstanding lyrics and music.