The hatch will allow you to return to the surface. please help! Curie and Piper also like it when Winter is killed. You can follow Nick Valentine to the exit from the station after you murder Eddie. He’s a middle generation synth, extremely old, and clearly mechanical. Nick Valentine is stuck (SOLVED) He has been missing for a while. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Valentine Detective AgencyPark Street stationVault 114 Early in the main quest you're introduced to a very unique synth named Nick Valentine. other NPCs If anything is needed from him, take it before doing this part of the quest. Follow Nick out of the facility, then talk to him to end the quest. Previous quest In order to do his quest - Long Time Coming, You'll need to have advanced the main quest past the quest Dangerous Minds. reward Then you two will walk to the place where his fiancée was murdered. Wait for Nick to finish his conversation and help him kill Eddie. Once the Sole Survivor has gotten Valentine to like them … It is possible to solve the code to Eddie's bunker by listening through the tapes oneself. I really like this character :D Valentine can be used to hack terminals of any tier by guiding him to the nearest terminal. The other thing I noticed was Nick was supposed to be my companion. This is the ending of Nick Valentine Companion Quest. However, you can bring through positive actions and the completion of the Quest Long Time Coming, the relationship level to the maximum. I've found Nick Valentine, but he's being held prisoner by some thugs in Park Street Station. 1. Fallout 4 - Unlikely Valentine, Nick Valentine, Vault 114, Park Street Station Our essential guide to finishing Fallout 4's Unlikely Valentine quest, from tracking down Nick Valentine … Nick Valentine has disappeared? Quest rewards: Experience points, a unique perk related to Nick Valentine becomes unlocked. Guarding the overseer's office, … The vault is guarded by Triggermen armed with submachine guns, 10mm pistols and, at higher levels, .44 pistols. Do this by visiting the Valentine Detective Agency in Diamond City. Related quests With the subtitles on, each number in the code is rendered as a digit instead of text (e.g. I heard that sometime afterwards he's suppose to give you a quest. Upon accepting the quest Nick Valentine gives 1 of the 10 holotapes the Sole Survivor needs to get a code to unlock Eddie Winter's bunker. He refers to himself as an old synth prototype and you encounter him during the main quest chain. The quest Unlucky Valentine completes but the follow-up quest cannot be started. Otherwise, the Sole Survivor and Nick will need to kill Skinny Malone and his bodyguards in order to leave. The station is filled with Triggermen, but inside the station is the entrance to Vault 114. Nick Valentine is still disturbed by "Nick's" memories, and tells of an old gangster named Eddie Winter, who used to be one of the largest crime bosses in Boston. 20 Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 2. Bronze Link Valentine quest, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. Leads to requirements After unlocking the bunker, the Sole Survivor can kill Eddie, help Nick kill Eddie or let Nick kill Eddie on his own. Fallout 4 side quest After talking with Nick, he will take the lead out of the vault where Skinny Malone and Darla will be waiting to stop the escape. The two formed a close sibling relationship while in the Institute together, in DiMA's words: \"I literally saw myself in you\". Nick Valentine can be unlocked as a companion after completing the Unlikely Valentine main quests in Diamond City and Vault 114. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. DiMA, alongside Nick Valentine, is one of two early prototypes created by the Institute to test if synths could handle independent thinking and judgement. The Sight Fallout 4 main quest Skinny Malone and his gang waiting at the exit of Vault 114. Nick and Eddie confrontation. Jewel of the Commonwealth This video shows you how to find and rescue Nick Valentine! I didnt have this issue on my first playthrough and when forced to restart, now im having this issue. Previous quest 3. Long Time Coming is Nick Valentine's companion quest in Fallout 4. I write this on the verge of tears from frustration and just pent up rage ready to erupt in a Nuka grenade style explosion. If I want his help in locating Shaun, I'll need to find him first. Before that, the affinity with Nick will be capped at 999.00. Andrew Station [8] He'll help me find Shaun, but first we need to get out of this station. Use it and talk to the detective, who will tell you to meet him in his agency in Diamond City. - posted in Fallout 4 Technical Support: hey guys.. The Sole Survivor must fight their way through the vault until they come to a large open atrium. Quest animation If the other nine are already collected ahead of time, the Sole Survivor can immediately tell Nick this after he mentions them. Quest objectives: Find the Gilded Grasshopper; Read the "Food for the grasshopper" Find the grave of Shem Drowne; Unlock the investigation Nick Valentine is the outlier. One can collect the holotapes (except 1) before getting the quest and they're classified as quest objects even though the quest hasn't been started. Expand to show Nick and I killed Eddie Winter. I've rescued Nick Valentine into vault 114 and next return to nick's agency. If the player character ends the conflict with Skinny Malone peacefully, attacking him, Darla or the remaining Triggermen, while they are not hostile, does not count as murder in the Pip-Boy's crime statistics. After a … MS07c These marks will not be visible at the site prior to this conversation. We go to the Coast Guard Pier to get the last holotape that I need. With Eddie gone, Nick has finally made peace with his past. I tried a resetquest but doen't did anything. Nick Valentine is a detective in Diamond City, a makeshift settlement in the ruins of Boston’s Fenway Park. Getting a ClueDetective Case Files location I found him with the Vaultech Settlement management thing. 1 instead of "one"). Ellie Perkins This quest is triggered after concluding Jewel of the Commonwealth. reward Nick has the body of a Gen-2 synth which has rubber skin on the surface, and servos and resistors underneath. editor id Character tracks him in dialogue. While having the final conversation with Nick where Jennifer was killed, two bullet marks can be seen on the asphalt, presumably from her murder. I've freed Nick Valentine and filled him in on my situation. Nick Valentine's personal quest won't start or trigger So I've gotten Nick's affinity level pretty and I've triggered the conversation where he tells me about his origins and stuff. Second part of Nick Valentine’s personal quest, Long time Coming, and final approval conversation with him. To confirm his suspicions and search for clues, Nick suggests investigating Kellogg's house. On the desk behind him is the Speech bobblehead. Speaking with Nick reveals why he is there and that they should leave as soon as possible. The control panel next to the office door can then be used to free Valentine. While removed, the player character will not have any access to anything in Nick's inventory, nor will they be able to get Nick out of any power armor he's wearing (one can strip him of the power armor items but can't get him out of the frame). One can collect the holotapes (except 1) before getting the quest and they're classified as quest objects even though the quest hasn't been started. Nick Valentine is Required You can also go straight to Vault 114 and rescue Nick Valentine and auto-finish the quest 'Jewel of the Commonwealth'. After agreeing to find Nick Valentine… given by But now it's stuck, nick say me to talk to ellie but ellie just say me few thing but don't go to valentine and only staying next stairs. The mission Unlikely Valentine is a Fallout 4 quest and part of IGN's complete wiki guide and Walkthrough to Fallout. 0001F25E Kellogg was recently seen living in Diamond City with a young boy, but has since disappeared. The remaining nine are in the various police stations in Boston. nick valentine stuck in dialog loop! Dangerous Minds It doesn't matter if you have Dogmeat or not, as Nick can call him himself and you'll still be led to Kellogg's house. Valentine will not hack terminals that strictly belong to someone else. Ellie Perkins reveals that Nick Valentine is being held captive in Park Street station. Now it's time to head to. Quest chain Guarding the overseer's office, where Nick is being held, is a Triggerman named Dino. After killing Eddie Valentine spawned beside me. How to unlock: After saving Nick Valentine during the Unlikely Valentine quest you must visit his detective agency in Diamond City (M6,1) and check the investigation files of Marty Bullfinch and listen to holotape. given by Nick particularly loves it if the player character lets him kill Eddie Winter without any interference. As a result of the experiment, Nick is a copy of a pre-War BADTFL officer, Nick Valentine, involved in Operation: Winter's End. However, I've had him around and done stuff to make him like me for a while since then and his quest won't start. After speaking to Ellie Perkins, it is revealed that Nick Valentine is being held captive in Park Street station. Video-Guide rund um den Fallout 4 Begleiter "Nick Valentine". His memories, personality, and even skills come from the detective. Even if one hides from or otherwise avoided Dino so he leaves the room alive, Nick will still say it will not be long till the others realize "muscle for brains" (Dino) is not returning. I should turn them over to Nick. Eddie Winter had planned to live forever, and as such, invested in a radiation experiment that turned him into a ghoul. No matter how you behaved, follow Nick Valentine. If any of these speech checks succeed in obtaining a non-violent solution, Darla will depart and Skinny Malone will advise that they have 10 seconds to leave. Expand to show With a few speech checks, it is possible to turn them against each other or leave the vault without fighting at all. Nick ValentineSkinny MaloneDarla Then it said to follow NIck. However, that quest isn't triggering. Sitting in the chair will leave Valentine standing facing me for the entire duration; of which I waited 16 in-game days. Nick just stood there. other NPCs 450+ XPEddie's Peace If the player character had previously been with Nick at Cambridge Police Station during the feral ghoul attack, he'll comment on how he swiped the holotape there while it was happening. I need to get him out of there. Long Time Coming Having them unlocked before reaching the required affinity with Nick Valentine can save time. trophy type Nick Valentine apparently went missing while investigating a case. Nick Valentine is a private detective with an office in Diamond City. Even if one is not detected at all and does not kill any of the Triggermen in the dining area where Nick asks how the player character wants to "play this" he will still comment on the "loud and hard" methods upon leaving the area. Here is a old game I made. Fallout Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Will not initiate conversation even if already in armchair on the other desk. From there, things proceed the same. The conversation eventually leads to Nick suspecting a certain notorious mercenary named Conrad Kellogg as the kidnapper. Follow Nick outside and listen to his words. He's a one of a kind prototype that acts as the missing link between the Gen-2 and Gen-3 synths. Furthermore, he will simply wait in a side room off the hallway, where he will likely detect the player character and turn hostile. Unless one is playing in, If the Sole Survivor frees Nick without meeting Ellie Perkins first, the quest Jewel of the Commonwealth will be auto-completed (or skipped entirely if one didn't pick up the specific quest from, This is the farthest point in the main quest that one can skip around to after exiting, Upon completing this quest, all items in the. location This chance increases with each tier. He will lead you to a hatch you previously bypassed in the metro tunnels. The last bit his is ID number, each companion has one. Early in the main quest you will be sent to Diamond City to find more information about your son. The vault is guarded by Triggermen armed with submachine guns, 10mm pistols and, at higher levels, .44 pistols. However, he might fail and be locked out forever. This will take some time, depending on the difficulty. He will compliment them on their detective work, and the first objective of the quest will be to head to where Winter is hiding. He refers to himself as an old synth prototype and you encounter him during the main quest chain. editor id His last known location was Park Street Station. Nick asked for my help in recovering ten holotapes belonging to Eddie Winter. Okay, I was trying to finish up Nick's personal quest before I began the Far Harbor DLC storyline. MQ104 Fallout 4's new Far Harbor DLC pretty much requires the use of Nick Valentine, the game's synth companion. Release Nick and follow him to the entrance of the vault. If a certain stage of the unmarked quest, The Sight has been completed before coming to the vault, there will be an additional speech option to solve the situation without violence. He has a moderately high hacking ability, allowing him to … Nick Valentine This is merely for show, however, and will not allow the player character to enter the bunker early. By hitting ~ you will bring up the text prompt, with which you can easily locate any lost companion, including Nick Valentine. Edward Winter While DiMA was allowed to freely develop his own personality through experience, Nick was outfitted with alternating, pre-existing human personalities. 200+ XP200 bottlecapsWorn fedoraFaded trench coat This quest must be completed to obtain Nick's perk. Fourth approval conversation and Nick Valentine’s personal quest, Long time Coming. Complete Unlikely Valentine If he fails and locks himself out of the terminal, the player character can still attempt to hack the terminal themselves. Inside the station is the entrance to Vault 114. form id I've found all of Eddie Winter's holotapes. At Valentine Detective Agency, Nick Valentine will question the Sole Survivor about their missing son. Talk to Nick and give him all holotapes. Then follow him to Andrew Station. Dino then runs out of the room to square things off with said crime boss, leaving the coast clear to free Valentine. Browse IGN ... Clear them and then return to following Nick. Quest rewards: Experience points, new main quest (Getting a Clue). Frequently, after convincing Skinny Malone of letting the player character go peacefully, a companion will just walk instead of run to the exit. After Eddie is killed, the Sole Survivor can loot Eddie's unique gun Eddie's Peace. 000229FE Okay, so I got the dialog from Nick where he says he keeps geting the old Nick Valentinie's memories and stuff. If Nick isn't at the start of a story mission where you have to meet up with him, but you have already started his Quest to collect all the Eddie Winter Tapes then there is a way to find him. Due to this, he hid in a bunker under a sub shop he used as a hideout pre-War. gamescore Listen to Valentine's monologue and the quest will end. The door is locked with a Master lock, but the door can either be picked by the player character … Nick Valentine’s Location You will first encounter Nick Valentine as part of the main quest. Quest chain Once the player character gets to the part where they have to talk to Nick after they've collected all the tapes, Nick will temporarily be removed as a companion. Specifically, after you've tracked down Kellogg, you'll need to visit The Memory Den in Goodneighbor with Nick. Sneaking close allows the Sole Survivor to listen to their conversation, where Valentine convinces Dino that a crime boss is upset at him about his cheating habit during gambling. Enter the subway and follow Nick all the way to Eddie's bunker. Fallout 4 achievement/trophy [7] The synthetic Nick was stuck in a test chamber for years, monitored by Institute researchers - then suddenly, he was disposed of, waking up in a trash heap in Cambridge. Quest animation Unlikely Valentine The quest is offered once the player character's. Cannot block the chair. form id Yet during the quest I had the lone wanderer weight perk. Unlikely Valentine is a main story quest and achievement/trophy in Fallout 4. Link is waking up in panic because he forgot about valentines day. Respond sarcastically to Darla when she is instigating a fight, Attempt to end the situation with Skinny Malone peacefully, Attempt to trick Darla into shooting Skinny, Remind Skinny of his past with Nick Valentine. ***** Want more Fallout 4? Suppose I should follow his lead. Unlikely Valentine Nick Valentine does not need love and, accordingly, you cannot enter romance with the robot. This will actually move you directly to Nick Valentine. Upon arrival, speaking with Ellie will end the quest. I've rescued Nick Valentine and we've escaped from Park Street Station. Long Time Coming is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest stages 4 Notes As Nick Valentine finds himself warmed up to the Sole Survivor's approach to the Commonwealth wastes, he will confide in his past, which will ultimately culminate in an unexpected showdown. After exiting the vault there is a short conversation with Nick where he directs the Sole Survivor to meet him back at his office in Diamond City. This is Nick Valentine 's companion side quest, and can be obtained from him after reaching a high enough affinity with him. I have quite a modded game and I have the nick valentine romance mod. As part of the quest Jewel of the Commonwealth you will be tasked with … Now Nick says he has one more thing to take care of. Nick deciphered the code to Eddie Winter's bunker from the holotapes. He thinks the Commonwealth's police evidence terminals should be able to point me towards the tapes. But what happens if you can't find Nick? The Sole Survivor must fight their way through the vault until they come to a large open atrium. The quest marker is on the ground and he is untargetable. They end up still near the thugs when the countdown ends and get involved in a firefight. Just enter “player.moveto 0002f25”. So I exited without Nick and then Nick came out liek 10-15 seconds later and finished the quest. Now he's free to help me find Shaun. Alternatively, Dino may be killed without waiting for him to leave, dropping the key to the overseer's office. Xbox achievement image.